Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Phillip was just about to make a sandwich when a owl hit the window. Phillip opened the window and took in the owl it was a great horned. The great horned owl hooted and wagged a wing at Phillip, "Who-Who-Who?!" screeched the great horned. "Phillip, and who are you?"Phillip declared "Who?" the great horned replied "You." Phillip stated.

After a minute of silence a barred owl flew in and crashed to the floor Phillip was flabberghasted that a second owl flew into his house! "Who cooks for you?! Who who who whoooo?!" Yelled the Barred owl "My mother?" Phillip answered. The owls then took flight and left Phillip sitting on his couch pondering what just happened.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Tracks for my collection!

A friend, Michelle of my mom's friend Tiff sent me some really cool tracks to add to my collection. These are from Alaska... they are so great!

A Polar Bear track.

Kaviq Tracks.
A Siberian Yup'ik word for Arctic Fox. One of my all time favorite animals:)
Thanks Michelle, I love these tracks!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Email to one of my favorite authors.


My name is Noah and I'm ten years old. I am homeschooled and I read alot of books.
I think your books are wonderful!
I just finished Happenstance found and I'm starting Dragon Games.
My two favorite characters are Hap and Umber.
I think Hap's instincts are slightly cat-like. Because his eyes look like cats, he is afraid of water, he can leap far and he can see in the dark.

I'm so excited to start Dragon Games and continue the adventure. I look foward to many more books!

Take Care,


Hello Noah!
You are right, Hap does have some things in common with cats. That is a good observation.
In Dragon Games you will learn why Hap is afraid of water. And you will learn the answers to many more of the questions that popped up in Happenstance Found!
I am almost done with the third book, which finishes the series. That will be out in January. I am sure my readers are going to like it, it is a very exciting story!

Thanks for writing to me, and have a great summer!
P.W. Catanese

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Animal Tracks...

I'm still collecting tracks so if you see any take a picture of them and send them to me at my mom's e-mail.
To see my Collection, check out my side bar.

Monday, September 28, 2009



Well When I Land on a strange planet Look who i found sniffy!(its not really Sniffy though)