Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knights and Dragons

This is the Good Knight King.
He walks over to the Evil Dark Knight,
and he says... "Help me slay the beast!"
"I think I hear him coming now!"
GET HIMmmmm.......!!!!!

Good job Knights, we have captured and imprisoned the fire breathing kitten!The end.


Sharon said...

Thank you Prince Noah for protecting us all from the Evil Dark Knight!
If I lived in your kingdom I would come help you tame that savage kitten.....maybe the Sorceress Autumn will teach The Good Knight King her amazing sleeping trance spell and we will all be saved from his sweet kitten breath!

Anet said...

Noah: I love writing stories, I'm glad you liked this one. Autumn really is a sorceress of the big sister type. I have to dodge her spells all the time!Harpo has that horrible kitten chow breath! If you like this story you will love, The Adventures of Peter and Rocko.
Rocko is a camel and Peter is his human friend.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hey Noah, My son Max had some dragons that looked very much like yours ... and a pirate ship from Megablocks!

He is homeschooled too... he loves it...

Do you like building with Lego? Max Does. It is one of his favourite things... for many Christmases that is the only thing he wanted.. he also found some great big box fulls at flea markets and he would bargain with the people for good deals.. Surprised me....

Do you think you will put some of your drawing or art work on your blog.. That would be very cool to see...

max will be posting soon about the Hairy woodpecker that hit our window today... as she was a little stunned for a few minutes and he took quite a few close-up pictures of her.. We knew it was a girl because she did not have any red on her head... she was cute... almost as cute as your Kitten!!!

Hope you have fun with your blog!!! it looks great!!!

Anet said...

Noah: Thanks Gwen, I love playing with legos too. My friend down the street gave me a ton of them.
My mom laughed because I was at a art fair a few weekends ago this man was selling bow and arrows for $8 and I said I'll give you $6 he said OK! I am going to put some of my art on my blog soon,
I saw some of Max's art, it is so good! I really want to draw like him someday! I will look for the woodpecker.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Good for you Noah, for knowing how to make a good deal!!

Eluciq said...

Rohnan(eluciq's son):

i have the same dark knight as you. the one with the red dragon on its head.

cool story!

Anet said...

Hi Rohnan, I'm glad you stop by my blog, it's cool that we have the same dark knight! I really like making stories. I've been too busy lately. My mom showed me your mom's blog and you guys do some really cool stuff. I like your dogs, they are so awesome! Good luck with your move to Colorado. Stop back again sometime.:)