Friday, June 20, 2008

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

We headed downtown to the Pow Wow because
mom wanted some sage to burn tonight at our celebration.
These street corner mimes were very interesting to me.
They did some strange things!
There weren't any dancers today.
Tomorrow and Sunday there will be.
All of the vendors were open and it's not crowded.
Mom bought her sage and a smudging bowl.
Dad got a new walking stick and I got a wood box with a
snake that pops out and scares you!!!!

Sparklers... I'm not afraid of them anymore!

We toasted to summer, ate pie, caught fireflies and talked.

Dad and I chose cherry pie but mom can't have any. She had a glass of wine. We had fun until mom made us go in because the bats started flying over our heads! That's summer for you!


Sharon said...

Thank You Noah,
I really enjoyed your post....almost like being there! My favorite photograph was the one of you in front of the tee pee!

Anet said...

Thanks Sharon, I had a really fun day!:)