Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Magical Day!

I had lots of fun at Hogwarts!!!
This is me in the rose arbor.
Here I am getting ready to go in. They put the
witches hat on our head and it told us which house
we would be in. I was put in Hufflepuff.
We had different classes to attend. My first
class was making magic charms, then Fortune Telling
class, then we played Quidditch. Which was so much fun!
We had lunch and my mom had made me pretzel rod wands.
(chocolate cover pretzel rods with ghost sprinkles.)
Then we went to potions class with Professor Snapes and then Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Here's the Hogwarts drinking fountain but....you should be careful with what come out of there! We finish of the day with the house cup ceremony.

Then we had some butter beer! Yummy!!!!! (cream soda)


Sharon said...

Did anyone get stuck in Slytherin house?? Which house did you want? Sounds like a great day, thanks for sharing it!

Anet said...

Yes and they won the house cup! RATS!! I wanted to be in Gryffindor. But it was so fun it didn't matter if we won or not. I can't wait for Civil War camp next week. 4 days long!:)
Mom and I have been doing research on the mansion and it was part of the Underground Railroad helping slaves on their way to Canada.

Sharon said...

Wow Noah that is a very important mansion then! People had to have so much courage then to help each other and risk their lives to do what was right! I think I have a kids book around here about Harriet Tubman....she was pretty amazing!!!