Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Day....

My day... Caleb and I went for hair cuts. I got just a trim.

If you look way back in this picture you can see the photo studio where my sister works.

Pretty cool picture I took in the mirror.

Okay it's a little tight!!!

The lady who cuts my hair is a joker! She's my sister's friend.

She keeps saying I'm going to boot camp... and I said No, Harry Potter Camp!

Then she puts this weird thing too tight around my neck!

Then my mom and dad took me and my best friend Ian
to the water park. (a different one than first one this year).

Here's me in the mushroom falls, that's Ian with the
broken arm, It's waterproof!
Ian and Me

My mom took a picture of my foot! I swim too fast for her camera.


Sharon said...

I love the picture you took in the mirror, it's very cool!

How many water parks do you guys have around there??? The only water park we have around here is the icy creek!!!

Anet said...

Noah: two in town and a third one is getting built right now it's gonna be the biggest one!

Sharon said...

Hey Noah,
Guess what??? You know I love your blog so I'm passing my blogging award on to you (see my side bar at my blog). If you don't have 5 blogs you want to pass it on to don't worry about it! :)