Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Collecting Tracks...

I'm collect tracks of all kinds on my sidebar. I will post the ones that people send me here and on my sidebar. Thanks Everyone!
These tracks are from Ruth in Michigan, Chicken? Not sure, maybe mouse? Deer on a frozen river. Ruth will tell me what the first two are, I sent her my guesses. Thanks Ruth!

Vehicle Tracks from Gwen in Canada, Or maybe anaconda tracks? Thanks Gwen! :)

I got a cool wild hog one from Molly. We don't have any wild hogs around where I live.
Thanks Molly ;)
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These tracks are from my friend Sharon in Wyoming. All from her yard. Deer, goose and racoon.

Thanks Sharon! Racoon's have cute feet. :)


Sharon said...

Very cool Molly!

Noah, I'll go track hunting in the morning and then email you. Great project!!!

Anet said...

Thank you Sharon, I can't wait to see them!

Anet said...

Ooops! That is from Noah of course, one of these days I might make his own account.