Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Tracks for my collection!

A friend, Michelle of my mom's friend Tiff sent me some really cool tracks to add to my collection. These are from Alaska... they are so great!

A Polar Bear track.

Kaviq Tracks.
A Siberian Yup'ik word for Arctic Fox. One of my all time favorite animals:)
Thanks Michelle, I love these tracks!!!


Sharon said...

A polar bear track?! That is the coolest one ever.I'm so glad I got to see that, thanks Noah!

Eluciq said...

Noah...just an FYI in northern Alaska they don't have snow days, but they cancel school for Polar Bears in the village...Polar Bears will actually stalk humans...weird, huh?

Love the tracks!

here is another Yupik word for icy snow: Ciku (chee-coo) we named one of our sled dogs this, as she was pure white.

Eluciq said...

i just read the top part of your post...is this my friend??? Michelle who now lives in Maine? As she has some amazing stories of living in Alaska! So cool that you two connected!

Anet said...

FROM: noah:)

Yes Tiff, this is from your friend Michelle. She sent us an email with these great prints. I thought that was very nice of her!

I'm kinda glad I don't have to worry about stalking polar bears. That's so scary!!!
Cool that the school gets closed for polar bears though.
I'm adding studying about Alaska and it's native language on my list of interest. I like Yupik words!

Eluciq said...

if we can help with your alaska studies just let us know. we still hold alaska pretty close to our hearts! all four of us have eskimo names that were given to us by the people of the village we lived in.

our personal email is:

feel free to ask away...although Michelle is an EXCELLENT resource for Alaska information too...especially YUPIK!