Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This is the art gallery in our hallway.
Some of the art I made in art class.
These are all my pieces of art.
Black Cat.

The owl and the Santa duck is Calebs, when he was little and
the house with the tree is Autumns, when
she was little. The rest are mine!


Sharon said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous work Noah! What a great gallery. I love them all, but most especially "Boo" and the "Black Cat"(because I love animals so much).

There is a really famous artist named Piet Mondrian who did paintings almost exactly like your red, yellow, blue, and black grid collage in the top photo. It looks just like his work! I really like this post. Thanks Noah!

Anet said...

Noah: Hi Sharon Thanks! My art teacher told us about Piet Mondrian and that is why we did that picture, I liked it cause it was easy! My mom loves the cat pictures too.