Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I used to have two goldfish, but my mom
accidentally killed them.
So my mom made me a dinosaur terrarium.

It looks cool with the light on! We put in my
crystals that I bought when we visited my
Aunt Debi.

We found the plants and the moss in our yard.
I call it Dinotopia. ROAR!

P.S. My mom can't kill the dinosaurs their plastic!


Sharon said...

The top picture looks like a panorama from a museum when it's full size. I think you're right that your dinosaurs are safe but you might want to keep her away from that moss!! (I'm just kidding you!)

We have lots of real dinosaur fossils where we live and Zoe is taking a class in a couple of weeks where she will get to go out into the field with some paleontologists on a real dig. I'll tell you about it after she goes if anything interesting happens.

We have some Devil's Toenails (fossils) from the time of the dinosaurs and they would look super cool in your terrarium.......I'll put some in the mail in the morning to your Mom for you (but check with her first because she knows who I am, okay?) and they should be there in about a week. ROAR!

Anet said...

Noah: Thanks Sharon! I'm so excited, I can't wait!!!!!!
Tell Zoe I'll be excited to hear about her class. I'm going to Harry Potter camp soon at a mansion. And then I'm going to Civil War camp. It's going to be a fun summer!

Anet: Sharon he is so excited about the devils toenails! And to get something in the mail. That's so cool! He was jumping around the room. It's very sweet of you! Thanks :)