Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Devil's Toenails

A package from Sharon came today.
Four really cool fossils called devil's toenails.
Mom and I looked them up on the Internet.
I'm going to do some studing on fossils.

My grandma wants one because we read that
they help arthritis. I told her "Sorry grandma,
but it's just folk lore."

They look awesome in my dinotopia!

I also got a picture of Zoe's cool winged dragon. It's awesome!
Thanks Sharon and Zoe! I'm really excited to have 167 million year old fossils!!!


Sharon said...

Hi Noah,
I didn't know they helped arthritis......I guess your dinosaurs should be free from joint pain for awhile! :)

Anet said...

Noah: They do have old bones!
Tell Zoe I like her picture for me,
she is a very good artist. I found out that there is a lot of devil's toenail found in England too.
Thanks again for the fossils!