Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Best Friend Larkin

This is my dog Larkin. I've had him since I
was a baby. We got him from the animal shelter.
We had him for eight years and he was eleven
years old when he died last September.
We were best friends, he was my #1 best friend.
He used to bug me for bones all the time. But
I kind of miss that. He always protected me.
If I was sword playing with my friends,
Larkin would get in the middle and push me away.
He could spell! Do you want a B-O-N-E?
He would get all excited and run to the cupboard.
He always knew when we were getting ready
for a walk. He loved to go for walks!
He didn't like thunder or fire works.

He really didn't wear glasses! He liked to go
for rides in the van.
He really loved kittens and always wanted
to be near them. Bella and Boo loved Larkin
and he loved them.
He is a good soul, and I know he is still with me.
Larkin 1996-2007

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Wow! Larkin looks really special. I'm so glad that you guys shared your lives together and that you told me about him.....what a great best friend!