Friday, July 11, 2008

The Mountain Life...

The Mountain Life

For Sharon & Zoe

by Noah & Anet

Way on a mountain top, lives a family.

They are a family of 3. They love the trees.

They learn and laugh and play all day. They never ever loose their way.

They search for frogs, turtles and snakes. They love the earth and all of the lakes.

Even the dinosaurs that used to roam and even when it begins to storm.

They have two funny geese to entertain, who swim in a pool and loves the rain.

Their life is peaceful on the mountain side.

Always a place to run and hide,

when they play hide-n- seek

over the mountain and at the peek.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Hey You guys are wizards!! great fun poem!!!
They will love it, I did.. You have so much tucked inside that sweet poem!!

Sharon said...

Wow Noah! I DO LOVE IT!!!! I can't believe it's been up since Friday and I haven't been by. It's perfect for us. I can't wait to show Larry and Zoe!

Sharon said...

Noah, Larry said to tell you thank you and that it was so beautiful that it almost made him cry. He really liked it.

Anet said...

Noah: Thank you Gwen. Mom helped me cause I got stuck for rhymes a few times. (hey that rhymed!)

Noah: I'm glad you like it and tell Mr. Larry he's welcome too!